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"Esse est percipi" - "to be is to be perceived".

My work is founded upon an engagement with popular cultural imagery, systems of information-giving and documentation and how these relate to the constructions of identity and create the basis of our supposed knowledge of the world - both historically and currently. By cutting, fragmenting, dissembling and re-assembling, I re-work something in an attempt to destabilise and transform well-known and familiar imagery and symbols (facts and fictions), re-contextualizing them as a mode of inquiry whilst questioning cultural 'truths' and 'myths'.

In my practice, cultural visual narratives, public images and personal experience conflate as I appropriate from the existing bank of social images and 'signifiers', and through a deliberate process of transformation I seek to question the construction of meaning and assembling of knowledge, whilst creating new narratives and speculating on authorship, ownership and control. 

Currently my work is evolving into research into the 'enfolded' body, the Deleuzian idea of 'the fold' and the 'fold's' wider implications and relationships to the world at large; geologically and astrologically. What fabulations* prevail in a ecologically unstable time: who is telling the truth? what is the truth and how is it both created and relayed to us? What is given value and what isn't, and what is documented and what goes undocumented? By using materials/matter that already exist current narratives can be questioned and new stories (that are so desperately needed) can be carved.

How and where work is displayed is important to the reading and wider contexts of my practice, again, examining the renewal, disruption, or creation of meaning. 

*Donna Haraway